Design, Supply & Installation of 5 Chain Conveyors to Reduce Spillage

Design, Supply & Installation of 5 Chain Conveyors to Reduce Spillage


With increasingly stringent environmental regulations across the globe, there is growing pressure to come up with conveying and storage solutions that prevent dust emissions and potential runoff to the surroundings.

In this regard, the EFM group designed, supplied and installed five chain conveyors and air filters for a cement major in France. The goal was to reduce spillage from existing belt conveyors and contain dust effectively.

The client in focus is a major player in building materials. The company has a strong presence in the production of cement, aggregates, ready-mixed concrete and the treatment and recovery of waste.

Scope of work:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Installation & Commissioning


Major design parameters

Chain conveyor parameters
Length 3.2m 2.4m 2.05m
Width 0.8m 1m 1.05m
Capacity 1 t/hr
Quantity 1 2 2
Material Ash
Casing Mild Steel
Scraper flight Hardox


Conveyor Chain
Type Slat Chain
Pitch 63mm (2.5 inch)
Width 38mm
Flight Pitch 400mm
Flight material Hardox


Type Toothed Sprocket
Diameter 215mm
Width 80mm
Material S355JR/ST52
Pitch 2.5 inch


Project initiation, design & execution:

An engineer from our European partner, Greening Services visited the site located in France to understand the application and obtain dimensions of the existing conveying system and available space in the plant layout.

The main area of focus was in reducing the spillage occurring when ash was being conveyed from the boilers by belt conveyors. EFM suggested installing chain conveyors underneath the existing belt conveyors. These chain conveyors span the full length of the belt conveyors to catch material spillage from the belt thereby reducing the spillage of ash from the belt conveyors on to the floor and surrounding environment.

The EFM and Greening engineering teams collaborated to ensure that the chain conveyors would fit within the constraints of the existing equipment and meet the performance envisioned. EFM provided a full set of Autodesk Inventor 3D models during the review process to check for design and interference issues. Since both EFM and Greening use 3D CAD programs to better conceptualize the integration of complex machines, the coordination was seamless. The 3D models expedited the design approval phase and prevented unexpected delays and/or modifications of the equipment during installation. With all possible bottlenecks addressed well in advance, the chain conveyors were supplied and installed on time. They interfaced properly below the existing belt conveyors and the issue with heavy spillage that was present earlier was now completely taken care of.

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