Storage systems

Storage systems

Every processing plant requires an efficient method for storing and handling bulk materials. A well-designed industrial storage and handling system will not only allow dry bulk materials to be stored safely and protected from the weather, but it will also facilitate effective handling and transferring of material to downstream process equipment.

Bulk storage systems from EFM typically include either a storage silo or bunker or bin or hopper with accessories, instrumentation, and automation controls to ensure an efficient and functional system. The capacity, design, material and accessories required for the storage system are customized after testing the bulk material which is stored in it. Our experts at EFM will work with you to custom design and choose the appropriate storage and handling system tailored to best suit your specific application and industry needs.

Through our expertise in designing and integrating industrial dry bulk storage systems, we have supplied storage systems for a variety of applications across different industries which includes, but not limited to biomass, cement, chemical, food, mining, pulp and paper industries, water treatment plants.

Contact us today to help you select and design the right bulk material storage system to meet your required storage and process needs.

Hoppers, Bins and Silos

Overview: Hoppers, Bins and Silos are used to store bulk ma

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