Erection & Commissioning

Erection & Commissioning

EFM’s erection & commissioning services is offered to industries involved in structural steel and in the conveying of bulk materials such as coal, cement, chemicals, fertilizers, food, minerals etc. Our skilled workforce ensures that the equipment is installed and commissioned correctly to achieve the optimal performance of the system.

During each stage of the erection and commissioning of your process plants that incorporates complex control, technology, and safety regulations, you are supported by highly qualified and experienced engineers along with a safety officer.

With our services, we will be present at your site with complete installation management that encompasses the planning, workers, site supervision and start-up services to ensure the project runs smoothly. At EFM, we take ownership of the entire project.

We generally break down the entire project into a number of phases that includes the following:

Orientation Site Visit

  • Project management overview
  • Contractor services and project roles
  • Site review and walkthrough
  • Review Project Timelines


Periodic Progress Visits

  • Confirm equipment installation with drawings and/or specifications
  • Confirm pipe routing is proper and in accordance with good material handling practices
  • Identify received equipment not installed
  • Identify any equipment not received
  • Review project schedule


Mechanical Installation

  • Install equipment
  • Verify placement and orientation
  • Provide compressed air piping to equipment
  • Install convey line
  • Provide required construction materials, labor and equipment


Electrical Installation

  • Electrical conduit placement
  • Pull wires
  • Field wiring and panel connections
  • Connect equipment
  • System controls install
  • I/O check out
  • Provide required construction materials, labor and equipment


Installation Phase Completion

When your material handling installation is complete, a project engineer and/or project manager will be on site and review the Pre-Commissioning checklist and project plan to make sure the project is ready for startup.


Pre-commissioning Checklist

  • Verify mechanical install is complete
  • Verify electrical install is complete


Project Management Review

  • Review verifications for startup
  • Review punch list from installation for critical issues
  • Review project timelines and expected startup schedule


Training, operations & maintenance

Upon successful startup, our service team provides training on the handling and care of the machines, so you will always know that your system is functioning to the maximum of its full potential.

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