You get a personal touch with EFM’s fabricated items and equipment. We listen to what you want upfront. The fact that we don’t have shelf items means that we aren’t going to try to stick you with something that we have already designed or that is already on our shelves. We are going to custom build it for your application, right from scratch!

Working with our machine shop and using our fabrication services ensures that whatever part we fabricate or an equipment we put together is a solution and not a perpetuation of an existing problem that you’re having. Our fabrication facilities are well equipped to practically handle any project and can handle a wide variety of metal thicknesses and types. We can work from existing drawings or collaborate closely with you to create custom-designed solutions.

At the machine shop, our fabricators begin by converting the CAD models, design and drawings received from our Engineering team into machine code.  The sheet metal is then converted to a precise form using the required fabrication processes like laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, shearing, punching etc. The raw material’s angular bends and shapes are then produced though forming, stamping, rolling or plate bending. Finally, welding (MIG, TIG, and stick welding) and assembly complete the final product.

To build a seamless, rugged bulk material handling system that is built to last, we take the material characteristics such as the bulk density, moisture content, particle size etc., and the site or design specifications of the client into consideration, to carefully select our raw materials and fabrication process.  This is turn helps us to design custom solutions, wherein each piece of component or equipment is engineered around the material that needs to be handled. Furthermore, we also offer after-sales support that includes routine maintenance checks and repairs, assistance with troubleshooting, retrofits, spare parts, amongst others.

Contact us today for us to deliver a rugged, high-quality product that is built to last.

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