Submerged belt conveyors

Submerged belt conveyors


  • We provide different models of Submerged belt conveyors to handling ash based on the quantity of ash to be removed. The material is quenched in the water bath, and slowly moved horizontally allowing the ash to settle gently on to the belt, inclined at an angle for the water to drain off backwards into the water bath. The water level is controlled by means of a float valve. Finally, the damp cooled ash is dumped into a waste skip for disposal.

Application Area:

  • Ideal for handling bottom ash, mill rejects and economizer ash for immediate transport or disposal.


  • Improves maintenance time, water usage, energy consumption.
  • Eliminates storage ponds, removes material using less power and uses less water to operate.
  • Automatic ash dewatering, fits low headroom spaces, less maintenance with fewer components, easy access for inspection or “in-place” maintenance.
  • Produces a more manageable product for sale or disposal.

Customization Options:

  • Variable speed drive to match boiler load.
  • Roll-out design for easy access to boiler throat.
  • Removable back panel on dry-side return for ease of inspection and maintenance without emptying or moving the unit.
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