Valves and Gates

Valves and Gates

Being an integral part of bulk material handling processes, selection of the right valve for bulk handling is extremely crucial as the wrong valve selected might hamper the flow of material that could lead to equipment downtime, higher maintenance and possibly failure.

Care is taken at EFM to select and manufacture bulk material valves that are robust to handle the toughest operating conditions be it discharge, filling application, transfer points, dust collectors or any other tricky scenarios.

Before selecting and designing a valve, our team begins by collecting detailed technical information of the bulk handling system in focus. This generally includes the following: Intended use of the valve (shut-off, flow regulation, diverting, converging, venting etc), type of application, shape, size and physical properties of the material to be handled, inlet and outlet connection shapes and sizes, pressure at the inlet and outlet ports, installation location, site conditions, valve construction material, type of actuation, etc. to name a few.

With this technical information in hand, EFM has designed valves to handle bulk materials in powder, pellet, granular and aggregate form like cement, fly ash, mining minerals, calcium carbonate, PVC, plastic pellets, coal, cement clinker, limestone and FMCG industries.

Contact us to request a quote for a customized gate, valve or diverter made with high-quality materials, that can handle any bulk material handling need.

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