Shaftless Screw conveyors

Shaftless Screw conveyors


  • Bulk materials discharged from centrifuges, filter presses or mixers can easily be metered or conveyed using a shaftless screw conveyor. Our shaftless design provides a non-clogging conveying surface that allows difficult-to-convey materials to become easy-to-convey.

Application Area:

  • Ideal for handling sticky and sluggish bulk materials

Salient Features:

  • Improved conveying efficiency when compared to other types of conveyors.
  • Allows greater flexibility for plant layout due to configurations available.
  • Internal bearings are eliminated.
  • Unique One-piece drive shaft design.

EFM Customization Options:

  • Wide range of construction materials – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and abrasion resistant alloys.
  • High strength alloy spirals with hardness up to 350 BHN.
  • Low friction liner materials – UHMW and Xylethon.
  • Multiple screws.

Industries Served:

  • EFM designs and manufactures shaftless screw conveyors to be used throughout the chemical, food, minerals processing and wastewater treatment industries for conveying everything from catalysts to dewatered biosolids.
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